Wild Alaska Missions FAQ's

What will the weather be like?

Cool. Last summer the hottest day of summer was 74-degrees in Anchorage. Expect 45-70-degree days. May is a bit cooler.

What kind of clothes and shoes do I need?

Dress in layers. Rely on a base layer followed by a light fleece or polypro jacket. For a base layer I use a line of base layers called XGO…Google it. It will rain so you must have reliable rain gear, top and bottom. Jeans are fine but don't rely on cotton shirts. Wet cotton is a pathetic insulator. Footwear can be a pair of tennis shoes but you also need something with ankle support and waterproof. A light hiking boot is a good choice.


Here is a list:

Rain gear

2 pairs of pants

1 pair of tennis shoes

1 pair of work boots

Thick socks

Base layers


Work gloves

A few t-shirts

A few long sleeve shirts

Sweat shirt/hoodie

One jacket suitable for fall weather

Hat - Brimmed and stocking


Do I need to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, towels?

Yes you need all of the above. Remember to bring a towel and washcloth. There is nowhere to buy toiletries or meds. You must think ahead and bring them.

What will the workday look like and many hours will we be working?

We will be offering about 40 hours of work during the week. Expect breakfast at 8:30 then work until 5 with a lunch break. You are a volunteer missionary. It is your decision on how many hours you work daily. We appreciate your willingness to serve.


What basic tools should I bring?

If you will be offering a specific trade we will discuss with you tools and equipment needs. Most tools will be provided. A tool belt, hammer, pencil, measuring tape etc may be recommended if you are skilled in construction.

Do we work in the rain?

Yes, unless it is a downpour.

Will I be assigned to one primary job or will it change daily?

You will be assigned a primary job according to your wishes and skills. Although, it is possible to request a change of jobs at any time. Some missionaries will be moved to another job if their project is completed or if another project requires more help.

Is there a place for daily showers?

Yes, there is a waterfall coming off the mountain just behind camp…just kidding! There are daily hot showers available at  Kingdom Air. Shen Bible Camp has a lake. We will be traveling to town occasionally during the week. Shen Bible Camp is primitive.

Are there a laundry facility on campus?

Yes. Bring a little laundry detergent with you. Kingdom has a laundry. Shen has none but we travel to Tok every few days.

Is there a store or Wal-Mart nearby?

No. Nearest stores like that are 40 miles away from Kingdom Air and 250 miles from Shen.

How far are we from Anchorage or Fairbanks?

Fairbanks 250+ miles
Anchorage 84-miles


At Shen Bible Camp who are they trying to reach?
Shen is located near Tok Alaska near the Tanana River- a tributary of the Yukon. There are 5 Athapaskan Native villages within a 60-mile radius. Currently about 20% of the camper kids are native and 80% white bush kids. We hope to expand the reach into the Indian villages.


Will we be working with kids?

No and Yes, we will be working in support of the camp who has a trained staff of over 30 councilors who interface with the camping kids. We are working in support of the kids. At Shen Bible Camp some counselors will work with kids. We will be traveling to Tetlin to hold an Archery Camp for the kids weekly.



What is our primary purpose at Kingdom Air or Shen Bible Camp?

 We will be helping them meet their construction expansion needs. We will be doing the same type of work at Kingdom Air Corps.


What are we doing at Shen Bible Camp?
Shen is an Athapaskan word for summer. At Shen we will be tearing down the old Bible camp and rebuilding it across 4-years.We will also support them with counselors.

How much luggage can I bring?

The airline will allow as many as you want to pay for. We strongly suggest one 50# bag and a carry on. You can get away with a small daypack (they consider this your purse or lap top bag)  plus you're allowed a roll-on bag as your carry-on. The airline will charge you for each bag. Most missionaries bring one big bag and a carry-on plus a daypack.

Will we have any time off during the work camp to see Alaska?

Yes. At Kingdom Air there are optional activities. We have designed in time when you can see Alaska. There is a magnificent glacier just down the valley that we will take you to.  From Tok and Shen Bible Camp adventure options are limited to fishing, canoeing and hiking. We may also take a trip to Chicken ( a gold mining community from the Klondike gold rush).

If we decide to stay over and add a week to our missions trip to see Alaska how will we get to our motorhome or vehicle rental location in Anchorage?

Wild Alaska Missions will be picking you up at the airport in Anchorage or
Fairbanks when you arrive and dropping you off on the following Saturday. The motorhome rental location/ car rental is right at the airport and we will drop you off there on Saturday afternoon. If you're renting a motor home you MUST bring proof of insurance or they will refuse your rental.

I've looked at the adventure guide and am interested in adding days to my trip. Is that a guided option?

No. Wade developed the adventure guide as a help for those wanting to stay over for post trip adventure. You are welcome to caravan with other missionaries and do some of the same activities but you are totally on your own. If you're interested in staying over for post missions trip adventure talk to us and we will help answer questions.
Send questions to WildAlaskaMissions@gmail.com

Do some of the adventure options require early registration or booking?

Absolutely. You must book the motorhome in advance as well as fishing charters and camping spots, plus wildlife tours in Denali Park and more. Review the adventure guide and follow the offered guidelines. Click the links and get informed.

Will we be having some sort of worship service daily?

Yes. Every morning before breakfast we will begin with a study of the Word. The WAM team will be leading the teaching session during the week. It is a session that will empower you to win the spiritual warfare battles we face every day. Some evenings we will gather at a campfire for stories and teaching.

I hear Alaska is full of grizzlies that are roaming around waiting to chew your ears off…is that true?

Not exactly. Although bears are everywhere they are typically afraid of missionaries and will usually run the other way. There is some bear advice in the Adventure Guide that you should become familiar with…read it.  You'll be lucky to see a bear but you will see a moose.


Can I use my cell phone?

Yes, some cell phones will work, but poorly.  If you have a plan with Verizon, AT&T or another major network, your phone will work in most places. If you have a pay as you go or Straight Talk plan or a minor network, your phone may not work. It does help to have an AT&T phone with a pay as you go. If you are at Kingdom Air, you will have cell service and Wifi. If you are at Shen, you will only have cell service when you are in the town or if you walk 1 mile up to the parking area.