The WAM Model
The Wild Alaska Missions Ministries business model is designed to be self-supporting and self-sustaining.

It is not our intention to be funded by solicited donations. We do not solicit funding. Our business model is based on offering services and products that help grow men up in Christ. We operate under a Sub-Chapter S Corp. and all monies we derive from the sale of WAM services or goods are directed into ministry. In the case of our mission's trips, we conduct nationwide marketing, media, management and promotion to serve such Christian camps as Victory Bible Camp and Kingdom Air in Alaska. We deduct actual travel expenses from the total fees collected and split the remaining monies between WAM Ministries, Victory Bible Camp, Kingdom Air and Alaska Native Ministries. In the case of mission trips, we've been able to partially or completely fund the projects our teams work on. All of the monies paid to WAM for a mission's trip are dedicated toward ministry. Our ministry also produces books, small group study and DVD based kits, conducts seminars, outreach events and retreats. Go to to learn more about us. Your support is what allows us to reach men with God's truth.

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